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Our Staff

Miles StoneFounder/Owner

Some would say I am obsessed with everything motorcycle. Over 25 years ago, to the disapproval of my mother, I pushed home my first bike: a 1972 Honda CB125s. A friend helped me rebuild the motor, I moved out of my parent’s house, and my life with motorcycles began. As a financially strapped young man I found forgotten bikes, moved them into my kitchen or bedroom and brought them back to life. As I made more money I bought nicer bikes but still rebuilt and maintained them, as well as my friends’ bikes, just because I loved doing it. I logged many miles across this country and others on a variety of bikes. The experienced riders, mechanics, and shop owners that I have known over the years have helped me follow my dreams on a motorcycle. Now I realize that being a part of the motorcycling community means giving back. Austin Moto Academy gives me the chance to share not only my knowledge, but my passion for bikes as well. I can talk motorcycles all day.

Bryce GrossRiderCoach

I come from a two wheeled family with a grandfather that was an avid cyclist, and parents that were avid motorcyclists. My first motorcycle came at age 8 (Suzuki RM 80) in which I rode through the countryside in the Irish Hills of Michigan. My first street bike came at age 16 (Yamaha FZ 700). At 19 I rode this bike from Michigan to California, shortly after which I turned a Suzuki GSX-R 750 into a race bike used to compete in amateur road races. Moving on to the pro ranks I raced a Yamaha R6, Yamaha R1, GSX-R 600, and a big bore GSX-R 1100 and competed at tracks across America.

No stranger to the standard, touring or cruiser world, I have ridden multiple Harley Davidsons around the Hawaiian Islands, BMW’s around the Great Lakes, and Supermotos around the Texas Hill Country.

I have been a MSF certified RiderCoach since May of 2008.

Dwight HumeRiderCoach

All my life, I’ve been a perfectionist, but I also enjoy speed. From my first ride, a 2004 Honda CBR600RR, to my current bike, a 2009 CBR600RR, I’ve continuously perfected my physical skills to work in tandem with this amazing machine while keeping my Ego at bay.

I’m a fifth generation Austinite, although I spent nine years in LA discovering the canyons merging body, mind, machine and road.

Having ridden for 12 years plus, I still get the same surge of excited anticipation every time I ride, which is every day. Riding is inspiring; it’s a very exhilarating experience that I hope to share with others. I want to teach my students how to thoroughly enjoy the ride while making mindful conscious choices. As with any learned skill, practice and discipline are the hallmark to success.

I received my MSF Certification in October 2015, accomplishing something I’ve wanted for the last nine years.

I look forward to helping you become a life-long learner in the wonderful experience of motorcycling!

Tom PughRiderCoach

I began riding motorcycles in the late 70’s on a 1975 Honda XR75. I have owned countless bikes from Triumph’s to Harley Davidson’s. I contributed to the Austin Motorcycle Community by forming South Austin Motorcycles out of my garage late in 2010, focusing on providing free assistance to new motorcyclists, helping them learn basic motorcycle maintenance and safe riding practices. Since that time, I have helped countless motorcyclists enjoy the passion of motorcycling, culminating in 2013 with the start-up of Austin Motorcycles LLC, a full service motorcycle shop. Today, I have embarked on a career as a motorcycle riding instructor with Austin Moto Academy, helping new riders learn to ride safely and truly appreciate the joy of motorcycling.

Vince JunodRiderCoach

I first rode motorcycles here in Austin in the early 90’s. After spending time in New York City and teaching English at Waseda University in Tokyo, I returned to Austin in 2010. It’s been great to be back in a place where I can camp, kayak, and ride motorcycles in my free time. I love teaching and have really enjoyed helping others learn to ride safely and responsibly.