Maintenance Class


For the price of two hours of labor at most shops you will get hands-on education so you can take care of your motorcycle for a lifetime. In addition, your bike will have several things done to it in class.

Class will include:
Discussing tools for the job
Fluids check
Oil and filter change
Clean, lubricate and adjust the chain
Check/change the air filter
Cable lubrication
Adjusting free play in the controls
Changing bulbs
Battery maintenance
Checking brake wear
Bleeding hydraulic systems
Check/adjust valves
Information on advanced projects and what to leave to the pros

Not all of these things will be done to your bike during the class. In particular, not every valve in class will be checked or hydraulic system bled, but the process will be explained and shown. We’ll try to do all of the rest for all the bikes with priority to changing the oil and maintaining the chain.The class will be about 6 hours with a break in the middle for lunch. Scooter riders are welcome too. And if you don’t have a bike to bring we have plenty. You can work on ours.

FYI: this class is physical and dirty. We will be sitting and laying on the ground, wrenching tight bolts, and touching some dirty, oily things. Some prior hand tool use recommended but not required.


We do this class 2-3 times a year, usually in the spring and fall. If you don’t see a maintenance class on the schedule, email us to be notified when a class is posted. The class is $175.